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St. Albert Chimney Sweep Service – Home of the Chimney Guys

Your Local Fireplace Experts

We help you find the perfect fireplace – from gas-fired to wood-burning, we do it all!

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Your Local Fireplace Experts

We help you find the perfect fireplace – from gas-fired to wood-burning, we do it all!

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Your Local Fireplace Experts

We help you find the perfect fireplace – from gas-fired to wood-burning, we do it all!

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Classic and Unique Fireplaces for Your St. Albert Home

St. Albert Chimney Sweep Service Ltd. has been Alberta’s trusted full-service fireplace company for over 30 years! Based in St. Albert, we offer fireplace sales, installation, maintenance, and inspections throughout St. Albert, Edmonton, and surrounding areas. Whether you are looking for an expert to build a modern fireplace that is functional, durable, and elegant or a certified and registered technician for a chimney inspection, we can help. Contact us for all types of fireplaces in St. Albert and surrounding areas.

We are WETT (Wood Energy Technology Training) certified to perform installation, maintenance, and inspection of wood-energy products, and we strive to give you the best experience. Our team of journeymen gas fitters keeps your home safe so you can relax by the fireplace, both indoors and outdoors, with full peace of mind.


Our team will constantly look out for unique styles of fireplaces to enhance the décor of your home. From electric fireplaces that are well-suited for tight places to gas-fired, wood-burning fireplaces from top-of-the-line manufacturers, we have the diverse product offering to accommodate all your needs.


Drop by our conveniently located showroom and our friendly staff will answer any questions you may have regarding our products and services. And if you have an existing fireplace, our team also offers inspection, maintenance, cleaning, and renovation services.

Rely on St. Albert’s premier fireplace business – call St. Albert Chimney Sweep Service Ltd. today!

Your Trusted Fireplace Specialists

St. Albert Chimney Sweep Service Ltd. has been safely installing and servicing fireplaces for more than three decades. Whether it is routine chimney sweeping, gas services, or fireplace renovations, John strives to provide satisfaction guaranteed services – every single time!

Our Staff at Your Service

If you visit our shop, our staff can assist you in choosing the right type of fireplace for your home. From selecting a model to finishing, we can help you every step of the way. We are one of the very few fireplace renovation companies in St. Albert that offers complete framing, tile work, and classic masonry as part of our service.


Not sure about what type of finishing you need for your home? We will work with you to brainstorm ideas that will cater to your aesthetic preferences – whether traditional, contemporary, or modern. Let’s add a touch of warmth to your place, which you’ll love for years to come!

If you have questions regarding your wood, gas, or electric fireplace, we can advise you on topics such as relighting your pilot light, the best type of wood, and so on. You can also depend on us for the maintenance and repairs to your existing or new system.


Our family-owned and operated company has gone from cleaning chimneys to being one of the most preferred fireplace service providers in the community. Three decades ago, we started with a passion for keeping our customers safe and informed, and that still holds true today. We are your one-stop company for fireplace repair, maintenance and service. From our humble beginnings to our current showroom, our focus has always been and will continue to be - serving our customers.

Exciting New Location

To provide our customers with the best possible fireplace-shopping experience, we have moved to a new location. Our showroom is currently under construction; so, to schedule an appointment, call us and we will gladly accommodate. Whether you need a new gas fireplace, or are looking for routine maintenance services, the St. Albert Chimney Sweep Service Ltd. team is here to assist.

Installations & Repairs

Our team of experts is here to help you select the perfect fireplace to meet your needs, whether that is gas-fired, wood-burning, or electric. Making sure the product meets your special requirements and heating needs, we listen to your indications and provide a warm and supportive environment to enable you to make an informed selection. Once you have chosen the perfect item, St. Albert Chimney Sweep Service Ltd. is able to install the item in your home, even offering tilework and masonry to enhance the overall aesthetics. Do you have an existing fireplace? Our team is also ready to provide maintenance and repair services to keep your unit as good as new.

Inspections & Cleanings

Indoor fire features are a fantastic addition to a home, creating incomparable ambience and reducing energy bills. Nonetheless, if they are not properly cared for, they create a safety hazard with respect to both air quality and fire safety. To ensure the safety of your home, our staff is WETT (Wood Energy Technology Training) certified, and able to complete both inspections and maintenance. Routine chimney sweeping, when completed by a trusted professional, is the best step you can take to keep both your fireplace and home safe. Naturally, wood-burning units are not the only items that require upkeep. To accommodate all systems, we also offer comprehensive gas services to our valued customers.

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