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Elegant Gas Fireplaces For Your St. Albert Property

The team of dedicated professionals at St. Albert Chimney Sweep Service Ltd. is ready to assist you in finding the ideal gas fireplaces to complement your St. Albert home. With a wide selection of items, you are sure to find the perfect item to fit your budget and match seamlessly with your house’s style. Featuring a diverse selection, whether you are seeking a contemporary or classic design, we have a fireplace to suit your taste.

Advantages of Gas Fireplaces

Allowing you to reap the benefits of the modern era without foregoing the classic ambience of hearth and home, gas fireplaces not only let you light a fire with the flick of a switch, they also:

 Save space

coming in many shapes and sizes, there is always room for a gas fireplace

 Limit effort and upkeep

there is no need to chop, haul, and store wood; gas fireplaces are user-friendly

 Provide clean heat

gas burns cleaner than wood, improving air quality and offering energy-efficient burning

 Enhance safety

avoid sparks and stray embers, improving safety in the household

Skilled Craftsman & Dedicated Service

Not only do we offer product sales and installation, our skilled craftsmen offer masonry and tilework services to provide the exact appearance you desire. Since there is such a diversity of mediums in which the flame may be emboldened, we are here to help you select from stone, glass, faux logs, and more. For all your gas fireplace design needs, the St. Albert Chimney Sweep Service Ltd. team is ready to assist.


Whether you are seeking a gas fireplace, a wood-burning option, or an electric selection, our sales staff is here to help you find the perfect product for your needs. We have the skill and experience needed to fit you with the ideal piece to meet your individual needs, considering factors such as aesthetics, heating requirements, functionality, and design features. From indoor to outdoor units, we carry a complete inventory of the best fireplaces on the market.


If you have any questions about which fireplace is right for you, contact our team and we will happily assist!

St. Albert Chimney Sweep Service Ltd. supports only industry-leading brands, including:

Classic Appearance – Modern Advantage

Discover the unique benefits of gas-burning fireplaces.

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