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Electric Fireplaces in St. Albert– Create An Enchanting Atmosphere

Prevent soot stains and avoid splinters with an affordable and chic electric fireplace; transform your St. Albert home into an enchanting haven of relaxation. At St. Albert Chimney Sweep Service Ltd., we offer a broad diversity of electric fireplaces to seamlessly match all décor. Modern styles are available for those searching for a crisp, up-to-date look to enhance their home’s existing features. For those looking for a classic look, we offer electric fireplaces which impeccably resemble their wood-burning counterparts. Reap the aesthetic benefits of a traditional fireplace while avoiding the hassle of cleaning and maintenance. With such a wide range of products available, there is a fireplace to fit every style and budget.

Electric Fireplace Styles

A key draw of electric fireplaces is their versatile nature; they come in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes, allowing these items to be placed almost anywhere. Any room in your St. Albert home can be outfitted with an electric fireplace, with everything from tucked-away versions in cabinets to those mounted on your wall. There are countless styles, with the most popular designs including:


able to be installed anywhere, these customizable options can be installed anywhere in the home


these mount seamlessly onto your wall so you can plug in the item and get started right away

 Media cabinets

these items can integrate into your entertainment center and are ideal for smaller spaces


offering a classic look, we can install your fireplace with a mantelpiece of either traditional or modernistic styles

Advantages of Electric Fireplaces

Available in a wide diversity of styles, these modern takes on the traditional hearth offer a plethora of advantages such as:


avoid fumes and flames while controlling heat levels, thereby improving overall safety


easy to install, this style prevents the need for expensive remodelling efforts


usable on hot days, simply turn off the heater and continue to benefit from the ambience


acting as a space heater, these afford you selective heating options, thus reducing your energy bill

 Ease of use

letting you steer clear of cleaning and maintenance, electric options are free of ash and debris


ideal for condos and other smaller spaces, these fireplaces can fit anywhere

To learn more about the incredible benefits of electric fireplaces, contact St. Albert Chimney Sweep Service Ltd. to identify the perfect product for your needs. From repairs to maintenance, new purchases to advice, we are your go-to solution for all fireplace matters.

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